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The 7 Best Sex Positions in Car With the Benefits – So, you’re looking to spice up your love life and want to get adventurous in the car. Why not? Cars can actually be a super sexy location for intimacy. The thrill of potentially getting caught combined with the confined space makes for an exciting experience you’ll never forget.

In this article, we’ll go through the 7 best Sex Positions in Car to try in your car along with the specific benefits of each one. Whether you have a spacious SUV or a tiny two-door coupe, we’ve got positions that will work for your vehicle and mood.

By the end of this, you’ll have a whole new appreciation for your backseat and be racing to the parking lot. The only question is, who’s driving and who’s on top? Buckle up – it’s going to be a wild ride!

Why Have Sex in a Car? The Appeal and Benefits

Why Have Sex positions in car? The Appeal and Benefits

Having Sex positions in car can be thrilling and liberating. There’s something naughty about getting intimate outside the confines of home. The small, confined space and risk of getting caught adds an extra element of excitement and adrenaline.

  • It’s convenient. When you’re out and the mood strikes, a car provides a readily available private area. No need to cut a date short to rush home.
  • It’s adventurous. Doing the deed in a public space, even in a parked car, fulfills that urge for adventure and novelty in your sex life. The restricted mobility and different angles required can make it more passionate and intense.
  • It enhances intimacy. In close quarters, you have no choice but to maintain eye contact, focus on each other, laugh together and really connect physically and emotionally. This can strengthen your bond as a couple.
  • It mixes up your routine. If sex has become monotonous, a car romp can revive that spark by taking you out of your comfort zone and normal setting. Different scenery means a different experience.

While car sex may not provide the most spacious or comfortable location, for the right couple seeking to reignite their passion and walk on the wild side, it offers benefits that far outweigh any challenges.

So next time you’re out, consider pulling over and pursuing an enjoyable detour before heading home. The adventure and thrill of car sex could be exactly what your relationship needs.

The 7 Best Sex Positions in Car With the Benefits,sex positions in car,sex positions in a car,sex positions in the car,best sex positions in a car,sex position in car,

Tips for Safe and Comfortable Car Sex

Safety first!  Sex positions in car can be thrilling but also potentially dangerous if you’re not careful. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Find an isolated location

Look for a secluded, private area away from traffic and people where you won’t be disturbed. A dark, empty parking lot at night or a wooded area can work well. Be aware of your surroundings and any potential hazards.

Move to the backseat

The backseat gives you more room to maneuver and recline the seats for different positions. Make sure any loose items are secured so they don’t slide around, and watch out for seat belts and buckles which can be uncomfortable.

Keep supplies on hand

Have essentials like tissues, wipes, hand sanitizer, mints or gum, and protection within easy reach. Crack a window for ventilation and be very careful if any substances are involved.

Stay safe and aware

Never drink and drive – have a plan for getting home safely when you’re done. Keep your wits about you in case you need to stop quickly. Don’t do anything to impair your ability to drive safely afterwards.

With some caution and preparation, Sex Positions in Car can be an exciting escapade. But always put safety first – your pleasure and thrills should never come at the expense of wellbeing. If done right, a steamy encounter in a vehicle can be downright delicious. Now start your engine and shift into high gear!

7 Best Sex Positions in Car With the Benefits

The confined space of a car provides some unique opportunities for intimacy. Buckle up—here are the  in Car to try on your next road trip adventure.

1. Reverse Cowgirl

With you sitting in the passenger seat and your partner straddling you facing away, this position gives you both an exciting new angle to explore each other.

Your hands are free to caress their back, grab their hips or reach around to stimulate other areas. For deeper penetration, have them kneel on the seat with knees on either side of your legs.

2. Bent Over the Console

A daring position for the open road, have your partner bend over the center console while you enter them from behind. This snug fit creates intense sensations for you both.

For comfort, fold down part of the backseat to give more room. Make sure to avoid any important buttons or knobs on the dashboard—you don’t want the hazards coming on at an inopportune moment!

3. Missionary

A classic for a reason, missionary works great in a car’s cramped quarters. Lie back in the seat and have your partner straddle you, slowly lowering themselves onto you.

Bring the seat back for more reclining space. Gaze into each other’s eyes, wrap your arms around them and enjoy the intimate connection. The confined area will make every touch feel amplified.

4. Doggy Style

For those seeking deeper penetration, doggy style is ideal. Have your partner kneel on the backseat facing the rear of the car, using the headrests or seat backs for support.

You stand behind them on the floorboards and enter from behind. The key is finding the right height combinations between the seats and floor to line everything up. Shorter cars may require some seat folding for sufficient room. Take it slow until you find the perfect fit.

5. Side Spoon

Spooning remains a classic best sex move because not just is it comfortable, it obtains the job done. If you are anxious about addressing it in the car for the very first time (we’ve all existed before), spooning is a acquainted place to begin. The position makes it easier for both companions to unwind and leave, without interruption or efficiency stress and anxiousness.

Exploring new sexual terrain together in the close confines of your vehicle can lead to exciting discoveries and enhanced pleasure for you both. Start with a position that piques your interest, go at your own pace and have fun connecting in a whole new way. The adventures await! What happens in the car, stays in the car.

6. Backseat Driver

It is a space-efficient move that does not compromise on enjoyment regardless of what dimension the car,” Wonderful says. “Any woman-on-top move means she owns the activity, bumping and grinding as she wishes while he reaches exist back and occurred for the excitement trip. Include a trip to the wild side by using the safety belts to band him in limited and limit his movements.

7. Lotus

How to do it: Have your companion climb up right into the rear seat, after that follow them. While they’re resting cross-legged, rest on them in the same position, while wrapping your limbs about their body as they penetrate you.

Why it is a great position for the car: As lengthy as both you and your companion can comfortably rest cross-legged and in shape in the rear of your car, after that it is definitely achievable — unless you have a smaller sized car.

“The rear seats needs to be pretty wide, with some leg room for overlap, if you want to do this,” says Queen. “But you could angle sideways a little bit, which might facilitate it. This is a really beautiful, intimate position, so if you feel too pressed in the car, try it outside the car at some point.”

It should also be kept in mind that accomplishing climax in this position can take some time. So, keeping that in mind, park your car someplace where you will not seem like you need to rush through it.

Best Sex Positions in Car (Sedan)

The sedan offers more spacious options for getting intimate. With extra room to maneuver, you can try some more adventurous positions.


Have your partner sit in the passenger seat as you straddle them, facing either towards or away. This gives you control over speed and depth of penetration. Lean forward or backward and hold onto the ceiling handles or seat for support.


The classic position works great in a sedan. Lie back on the seat with your legs bent and spread, while your partner lies between them. Wrap your legs around their back to pull them in deeper. For comfort, place a blanket or towel under you.

Doggy Style

Kneel on the seat facing the back of the front seats. Have your partner enter you from behind while holding your hips for support. This angle allows for very deep penetration. Grab onto the headrests or seat backs for stability.


Don’t forget foreplay! A sedan provides ample space for your partner to go down on you while you sit on the edge of the seat. Lie back as they kneel on the floorboards. For reciprocation, have them sit on the seat edge or lie across the back seat while you kneel in front of them.

The larger size of a sedan opens you up to more possibilities for intimacy on the go. Don’t be afraid to switch between positions to find what gives you the most pleasure.

And of course, remember to take proper safety precautions to avoid being seen or caught in the act! The freedom of a bigger vehicle means more opportunities for adventure. Now go fulfill some fantasies!

Best Sex Positions for a Compact Car

Compact cars can pose some challenges when it comes to intimacy, but with some creativity, you can find positions that work. Here are some of the best for getting frisky in tight spaces:

Cowgirl (or Cowboy)

With the passenger seat fully reclined, have your partner straddle you while facing forward. This gives you both more room to move freely and the reclined seat provides ample support. You can place your hands on their hips to help guide the motion. The reclined position also allows for deeper penetration and clitoral access for added pleasure.

Doggy Style

For this classic position in a compact car, have your partner kneel on the seat facing the door or dashboard while you kneel behind. You’ll want to fold down the back seats for more room. This position works well as you both have space to thrust and the doggy style angle allows for deep penetration. For comfort, your partner can place their hands on the dash or door to support themselves.

Oral Pleasure

Oral sex is always an option when space is limited. Have your partner recline the seat and lift their legs to rest on the dashboard or center console, allowing you access to perform oral.

Or, have them straddle your face while leaning forward against the dash. These positions open them up for direct stimulation and the reclined seat gives you a place to lie back comfortably.

• Spooning – Lie side by side with your partner in a spooning position. This allows for rear entry while maximizing the limited space. Bend one knee for better access.

• Seated – Have your partner sit on your lap while facing you. Wrap your arms around them and thrust upward while they grind on you. The upright seated position gives you both more freedom to move.

With some maneuvering and openness to trying new positions, you can transform your compact car into a space for intimacy and adventure. The key is making the most of the reclining seats and any fold-down space to provide new angles for penetration and stimulation. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!


So there you have it, the 7 best Sex Positions in Car to try in the car for maximum pleasure and benefits. While getting frisky in a vehicle certainly comes with risks, for the adventurous among us, the thrill can make it well worth it.

Just be sure to take proper precautions to avoid unwanted attention or legal trouble. And who knows, you may find a new favorite position that you want to take inside the bedroom.

The options for fun, excitement and intimacy with your partner are endless if you have an open mind and the right sense of adventure. So what are you waiting for? Start your engine and see where the ride takes you!